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Personal Portfolios, Personally Managed

At Penobscot, we build portfolios by forming relationships. Working as a true partner, we take the time to understand your unique goals and expectations. We ask questions. We share insights. We provide options. And we listen. Then, our accomplished managers join together to determine which investments make the most sense for your short and long term objectives. You benefit from our best ideas, united in one perspective – yours.

Because investment management isn’t just about your life savings, it’s about your life.

Guided by your input, your manager builds a customized portfolio that reflects your current and future requirements. Your plan is explained clearly and your results are shared in quarterly and annual statements. In addition, if the need arises, your manager can aid in the selection of attorneys, accountants and other experts.

Communication is open and ongoing. Confidentiality is assured. What’s more, your investment manager continually pays attention to your portfolio, your evolving needs and the market changes that can influence both. So you’re certain you have the strategy that’s right for you – today and tomorrow.

Penobscot Investment Management. Working as One.